Here at Central Joinery Ballarat, a lot of our friends and family are confused about exactly what it is we do! At first glance, joinery and carpentry seem strikingly similar. Both revolve around wood, and the same set of tools are used in both professions. There are subtle differences, though, that we find help us and you differentiate between a carpenter and a joiner. A joiner, if you didn’t already know, is a person who specializes in joinery.

Joinery Explained

So what exactly is joinery? To us, a joiner ‘joins’ wood in a workshop. Joinery is a specialized carpentry used in the construction of complex wood structures such as cabinets, windows, staircases, and other structures where nails would be unsightly or impractical. There is a catch though. A joiner doesn’t use any nails to join pieces of wood together. He or she uses clever joints to seamlessly join pieces of wood together. You might have heard of dovetail joints, or butt joints. These are wooden joints a joiner uses to bring wooden projects to life.

The Kind of Help You Should Expect From a Joiner

As we already mentioned, joiners specialize in building intricate wooden items. If for instance, you need some kitchen renovations done, a joiner will do a better job on your kitchen cabinets. That’s because a joiner understands how to make wooden joints that make your kitchen cabinet appear like they were carved out of wood and not made from bits and pieces of wood. The joiner uses knowledge of joining wood and makes grooves into the wood, which makes for a much neater joint than hammering two pieces of wood together, wouldn’t you agree? Imagine the top of your coffee table had nails sticking out. It wouldn’t be the same coffee table you love, would it?

Joinery In Ballarat

If you are thinking about kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations or a new staircase in your Ballarat house, always call a joiner. The local handyman might not be your best option here because he might not have the right knowledge to get the job done. There are different types of wood with different strength levels. Each type of wood favors a particular type of joint, and the joiner knows this. That’s why a joiner knows over 13 types of wooden joints! Contact Central Joinery Ballarat to find out more about our services or ask for a free quote.